• Products: Door Automation

Swish designed, fit for purpose and concealed SelfLatch, SelfClose, DoorMinder and AutoStac custom made safety systems, for home-pool access doors

AutoStac electronic sliding door systems for use in residential and hospitality industries

  • Objective: Prevent children aged 6 years and under gaining unsupervised pool access

Modifying residential door-sets into effective concealed child-resistant barriers:

Reducing the risk of child drowning by preventing unsupervised access into the home pool by young children aged to 6 years

Keeping young children away from potential outdoor hazards, within sight and hearing range of supervising adults

Minimising the need for often unsightly and ineffective fencing between house and pool

  • Approvals: Obtained in NZ
  • Since 2005, Swish have assisted home-pool owners achieve pool-safety compliance, providing solutions which:
  • Met the requirements of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 and NZS 8500-2006 
  • Meet the legislative requirements of the Building Act 2004 - NZBC F9 / F9.2 / F9.3.1 / F9.3.4  and the approved solutions of NZS 8500-2006 and by default , the non-mandatory AS1

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