PoolZone Solutions:

  • Defining the 'immediate pool area' for pool compliance:
  • Are some pool owners being denied preferred pool-safety solutions in the compliance process?
  • The short answer is a resounding YES!
  • The aim of pool-safety compliance law is the prevention of small children gaining unsupervised access to the home pool when the pool is not in use...
  • A Declaratory Judgement in 2004 determined that the home pool owner had the responsibility to specify what activities were proposed in and around the pool.
  • These activities could include (although not necessarily every time the pool was used) the following approved activities:
  • A BBQ and grill food and entertainment area
  • Formal seating for family or entertainment
  • Informal seating areas
  • Sun loungers and sun bathing areas
  • Ornamental garden and pool side features such as a spa, waterfall or similar
  • The judgment determined, keeping adults involved within the pool area, actively encouraged them to supervise their children thereby, reducing the likely hood of child drownings
  • It is the responsibility of the home pool owner to determine in the consent application, how they will use the pool and supervise children and/or, adult pool users
  • To assist, Swish have uploaded a PDF library of PoolZone elements (Poolzone2 below)
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