Swish have come to understand what a wonderful 'machine' the human body is!

  • With the objective to automate residential slide doors in either timber or aluminium, came the realisation that existing residential door joinery was not 'automation friendly.'
  • Slide panel inertia generally accepted in the residential market, proved difficult to overcome electronically or mechanically.
  • Common problems that include 'over' weather sealing (1) causing panel pinch in the frame and wheels that are too tight in the carriage (2) cause the second wheel (shown on the left) to act as a brake during the panel slide
  • Encouraging all concerned in residential joinery development of the need for extra care to meet the market demand for residential door-set automation
  • Today, using the same power settings that were used on 40 to 50kg slide panels in 2005, we are now successfully automating panels of up to 300kg (3 and 4) 

SIMPLE lessons learned include:

  • Slide door-set installations that is level and vertical reduces slide panel drag
  • Support bar and tracks designed to carry point loads (3) without any deflection in track or frame
  • A wheel-set designed to spread the point load (4 and 5), Dynamotion / SS10000, an improvement on wheel-sets in common use in NZ
  • Effective weather seal installation reduces slide pane

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  300 kg panel