New legislation in the Building Act 2004 - NZBC F9 supercedes the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 but incorporates NZS 8500-2006 for approved solutions

  • Swish Hinged Door Closers and SelfLatches can be installed into most existing and new commercial or residential aluminium door profiles (1, 2 and 3) and can be custom fitted into timber door leaves (3) as shown
  • Swish uses superior quality hydraulic systems to ensure closing and latching from all open angles -- including from an opening of 150mm.
  • Hydraulic closers specified, supplied and installed with the Swish SelfLatch are complete with backcheck mechanisms to resist (eg:) wind gusts or door throw-back, slamming the door and causing frame or building damage.
  • All Swish SelfLatches are operable from both sides of the door, at or above 1500mm above the internal floor level to comply with the legislation
  • Stainless steel components are used in the Swish SelfLatch for durability and aesthetics, with moving parts totally concealed for safety and appearance.
  • Swish Hinged Door Closers and SelfLatches meet NZBC F9 - NZS 8500-2006 and by default the non-mandatory AS1  schedule to prevent unsupervised child home pool access

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