Building Act 2004 - NZBC F9.2 / F9.3.1 / F9.3.4 

  • NZBC F9 - NZS 8500-2006 and by default the non-mandatory AS1 schedule   
  • Bi-fold door-sets depicted (1, 2 and 3) cannot be entirely self-closing, however, a SelfLatch and Alarm (4) has been designed to provide a tamper proof pool-safety solution
  • Swish DoorMinder (SelfLatch  and Alarm) Systems meet NZBC F9 - NZS 8500-2006  "approved alternative solutions" for pool-safety compliance

Operational Concept:

  • The Swish DoorMinder SelfLatch/Alarm system is concealed in the door frame (4) with the SelfLatch (5) located at 1500mm above the internal floor level to prevent unsupervised child access into the pool area
  • When the door is opened (by un-latching) and then closed within 10 seconds, the alarm does not operate
  • However, should an adult enter the pool area by releasing the SelfLatch and leave the door open for longer than 7 seconds, the alarm sounds at 85 decibels, alerting the adult (before a child can exit into the pool area un-observed) thereby causing the adult to immediately close the door...
  • On closing the door (the door automatically self-latches), the alarm stops and automatically resets, so it is immediately available for the next full door operation
  • Refer the Bi-Fold detail page for alternative door configurations (Detail page pic 4)

     Bi-Fold 1

     Bi-Fold 2

    Bi-Fold 3