• January 2017 - new pool legislation Building Act 2004 - NZBC F9
  • April 2017 - The non-mandatory AS1 schedule published citing NZS 8500-2006 
  • NZBC F9 and non-mandatory AS1 and AS2 are attached below for your review

A Practical Guide to the NZBC F9 / F9.2 / F9.3.1 / F9.3.4 

  • All home pools must be surrounded by a barrier to prevent unsupervised access by children aged 5 years and under when the pool is not in use
  • The barrier may include the wall of a dwelling provided:
  • All door-sets in the dwelling wall with access to the pool, are self-closing and self-latching or alarmed and self-latching
  • Self-latching release must be 1500mm above the internal floor level
  • Door-sets with multiple doors/panels approved for pool compliance under NZBC F9 - NZs 8500-2006 when modified with Swish Systems
  • All windows in the dwelling wall inside the pool area restricted to a 100mm opening

How do Swish Access Safety Systems meet NZBC F9 - NZS 8500-2006 and non-mandatory AS1?

  • Should a residence or out building form part of the barrier, all door-sets with pool access must be self-closing and self-latching or alarmed and self-latching
  • The self-latch mechanism must be positioned 1500mm above the internal floor
  • Swish Pool Access Safety Systems installed to specification, meet these requirements
  • All door-sets into a pool area, once fitted with Swish Pool Access Safety Systems have been issued with compliance certificates since April 2005.

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