• Swish Automation was formed in 2005 in response to an increasing market demand for residential door automation solutions, offering improved lifestyle opportunities  
  • Swish "invisible" self-close and self-latch pool barriers are designed to improve home pool safety by restricting unsupervised child access to the pool
  • Swish SelfClose SelfLatch provides a pool door barrier within the house, ensuring any breach becomes immediately obvious to the child's parent or guardian
  • Swish Pool Access Safety Systems can be retrofitted to most existing door-sets, modifying them to achieve an "invisible" pool barrier, meeting all NZ legislative requirements
  • Swish Automation is a compact, enthusiastic, privately owned New Zealand company with working directors and shareholders. Swish design, manufacturing and marketing operations are based in Auckland with installation / servicing agreements pending both in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Technology Partners
  • Our overseas technology partners have unique, successful door automation systems which complement and enhance the Swish design portfolio that is focused on specialised system applications and their market development...
  • Swish AutoStac
  • Swish design philosophy can be introduced "at the touch of a button" for those home-owners looking for a unique solution and enhancement to their lifestyle property investment

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