Swish SelfClose SelfLatch Pool Access Safety Systems have been designed from drawing board to installation to provide a "fit for purpose and invisible barrier" for door-sets that have access into a pool area.

  • Two system designs are available and are selected based on panel slide performance and or, profile size or, the door-set construction material:

Horizontal application:

  • This Swish SelfClose system (1 and 2) has been designed to self-close slide panels with weights in excess of 80kg through 150kg providing, Swish recommendations to manufacturers have been adhered to, with the objective of reducing slide panel inertia or drag
  • The Horizontal system can operate in slide panels using 35mm and 40mm aluminium profiles together with 44mm plus timber frame, usually in cedar
  • The standard Swish SelfLatch (5) normally used in profiles under 35mm can be modified to utilise recessed hardware (3) for 40mm aluminium profiles or 44mm timber framing

Vertical Application:

  • The original Swish SelfClose system (4), designed for use with 30mm aluminium profiles and panel weights of up to 60kg, has seen a new lease on life as improvements in 'flush track' 35mm profile designs have resulted in improved slide performances in panels up to 80kg
  • The SelfClose mechanism is concealed in a duct channel and lid, colour matched to the joinery, providing an almost seamless attachment to the slide panel interlock stile
  • Swish slide door self-close self-latch systems can be retrofitted into most door-sets available in NZ