• January 2017 - Pool legislation is Building Act 2004 - NZBC F9 
  • 28th April 2017 - The non-mandatory AS1 schedule published citing NZS 8500-2006
  • NZBC F9 allows the use of both SelfLatch and SelfClose or SelfLatch and Alarm Systems to modify door-sets with access to the pool area
  • NZBC F9 and the non-mandatory AS1 and AS2 schedules are attached for your review - See Legislation P1

NZS 8500-2006 is the referenced document for NZBC F9 and provides alternative solutions to the non-mandatory AS1 schedule

  • NZS 8500 was published as a compliance document in November 2006 and issued for the guidance of territorial authorities providing 'Approved Alternative Solutions' under FoSPA 1987 until December 2016
  • NZS 8500-2006 is now incorporated into the Building Act 2004 under NZBC F9 


  • Swish Pool access Safety Systems have been designed and manufactured to "significantly reduce the danger of drowning for children aged 5 years and under"
  • Swish confirm territorial authorities nationwide have approved Swish systems when installed as specified 
  • Swish Pool Access Safety Systems are pool compliant under the Building Act 2004 - NZBC F9 / F9.2 / F9.3.1 / F9.3.4 using NZS 8500-200
  • For discussion of current possible BCA interpretations of NZBC F9 Regulations, refer to the PDF downloads below - Memo 1: NZPIA / Memo 2: NZPIA / Letter: To NZPIA re Barrier types - Child drownings


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