Another series of bi-fold door configurations available in NZ are depicted (1 and 4) on this composite. This configuration calls for a different Swish system combination to achieve pool compliance under NZBC F9 using "approved alternative solutions" provided by NZS 8500-2006   

  • In this configuration, all the bi-folding panels slide within a track, there is no "swinging leaf" to provide a passage door, as shown in the composite in the main page however, the Swish systems operational concept remains the same
  • The Swish DoorMinder SelfLatch Alarm system is concealed in the panel frame (2) located at 1500mm plus above the internal floor level to prevent unsupervised child access into the pool area
  • When the door is opened (by unlatching (2 or 3) and sliding) and then closed within 10 seconds, the alarm does not operate
  • However, should the bi-fold door-set be opened longer than 10 seconds, the alarm sounds at 85 decibels, alerting the adult (before a child can gain access into the pool unobserved) thereby causing the adult to immediately close the door
  • On the door closing (it automatically self-latches) the alarm automatically resets, so that it is immediately available for the next door operation
  • Both bi-fold door configurations shown in the composite pictures, can and have been, approved as pool compliant under NZS 8500-2006 "approved alternative solutions"



SelfLatch &

Alarm system